Place № 1. Theater Square

(location: intersection of Vesennyaya St. and Sovetsky Ave.)

None of the tourists leave Kemerovo without taking a photo at the fountain on Theater Square. This is truly a place of inspiration.

Theater Square is the most beautiful architectural ensemble of the central part of the city. Majestic columns, well-groomed flower beds and a fountain create an atmosphere,

positive emotions and good shots.

By the way, on the right and left sides of the theater building there are residential buildings that house the Kuzbass Museum of Local Lore.

Place № 2. Sosnoviy Bor (Pinery)

(location: Volkova St., 45)

This is one of the simplest

but at the same time interesting locations.

You may get the impression that the picture was taken somewhere far away in the taiga, not in the city. There is an unusual landscape in the forest -

hills alternate with open meadows

and forest paths. Old wooden bridges over streams, majestic pines, squirrels and chipmunks. If you wish, you can go to the X or the letters "Kuzbass", enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the city and the Tom River and, of course, take a couple of good shots.

Place № 3. Old pier

(location: on the right bank of the Tom

downstream of the Kuznetsky bridge)

Once upon a time, huge steamships moored to this pier, transporting coal to neighboring Tomsk. Today, the old stones have become the keepers of the city history and a great place for photo shoots.

A strong pier, laid out of light sandstone, hospitably welcomes guests.

This place has only one minus -

an old pier built for ships is

not very convenient for pedestrians,

it's not so easy to get to it along the coast .

Place № 4. Angels Park (Park Angelov)

(location: crossing of Lenina Ave. and 50 Let Oktyabrya St.)

Angels Park is one of the most modern and unique parks in the world. This is a place of memory and strength, a kind of art object with an area

in 2 hectares. The architectural design of the park is worked out to the smallest details. Each location pleases the eye and the photo lens - a chapel, a musical rotunda, a tower, a system of fountains

(that have no analogues in the world).

Photos taken in the park are always successful!

Место № 5. Moscow Square

(location: Pritomsky Ave.)

The territory of the square is a circle with a diameter of 260 meters, framed by three entrance groups-arcades, that symbolize Moscow, Novokuznetsk and Kemerovo. Interesting sheds were built on the square, beautiful flower beds were laid out. The square offers an excellent view of the Tom River and its right bank. A stone staircase leads to the water. The photos here are bright and interesting.
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