Steamship pier
Оne of the oldest buildings in Kemerovo - built in 1915 - 1916 of the twentieth century. It was used to send freshly mined coal by steamers to Koksochemical Plant.
The Gubkins House
The oldest building in Kemerovo. An object of cultural heritage of regional significance. The Gubkin family was engaged in rafting timber along the Tom' river during the years of the civil war they became famous for partisan activities.
Gorelaya Gora
The history of the development of Kuzbass begins with its discovery. Here, in 1721, the explorer Mikhailo Volkov discovered an outcrop of a thick coal seam. Krasnaya Gorka is included in the list of historical monuments of regional significance.
Coal production building
Coal was delivered to this workshop by cable car across the Tom' River from the right bank in trolleys. The building is located on the territory of a coking plant and is a monument of industrial architecture of regional significance.
Excavation sites in Kemerovo
Excavations carried out at the site of the village of Kemerovo made it possible to replenish the funds of city museums with valuable archaeological finds.
Main office "Copikuz"
In the main office of the mine there was the Board of the Autonomous Industrial Colony "Kuzbass", the Technical Department and the library of the AIK were located. Here was the office of Sebald Rutgers, Chairman of the Board and Chief Director of the colony.
Memorial stone to the old-timers of the village of Shcheglovskoe
In the 19th century, the house of the Shevelev family, the old-timers of the village of Shcheglovo, was located here.
School of the Kemerovo mine
Built in 1926-27 by the Dutch architect J.B. van Lochem. The school building is included in the list of monuments of architecture and urban planning of regional significance. In the Netherlands, it is included in the register of Dutch architectural monuments abroad.
Rutgers House
The building which the museum is located in is a historical and architectural monument of regional significance. The author of the building project is unknown, but it is known that Austro-Hungarian prisoners of the First World War participated in its construction.
State bank
The House of Labor
Its building is one of the very first multi-storey stone buildings in Kemerovo. From the very first days of its existence, the House of Labor has become the center of the social, political and cultural of the entire Kuznetsk district. Solemn meetings were held here, assets, plenums and party conferences were held.
Central department store
The Kemerovo Central Department Store was founded in 1943. During the Great Patriotic War, the KEMZ plant from Kharkov, which manufactured military products for the front, was evacuated to the building of the department store. After the end of the Great Patriotic War in 1949, the department store was transferred to the restored building.
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