Geographical position

The city of Kemerovo is located 3482 km from Moscow, in the southeast of Western Siberia, in the center of the Kuznetsk Basin, in the northern part of the Kuznetsk coal basin, on both banks of the Tom River, in its middle course, at the confluence of the Iskitimka River.
City climate
The climate of Kemerovo is sharply continental, characterized by long cold winters and short, fairly warm summers. The warmest month is July, the average monthly temperature is + 18.4 degrees, maximum + 38 degrees, and the coldest is January.
Water resources
The main water resources of the city are the Tom River and Red Lake. Of all the rivers, the Tom is the only one suitable for shipping! The river is actively used for recreational and sports purposes. Lake Red can be called, perhaps, the most popular body of water among the residents of Kemerovo. It is easy to get to it, in the summer the water in it warms up quickly, so at the height of the swimming season, local residents massively come here. But even in winter, the lake is not empty, here you can meet lovers of ice fishing.
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