Reason № 1.
Kemerovo – bright,
modern, attractive
Kemerovo is no longer a “city of coal, chemistry and energy”.
These Soviet stereotypes are far back in the past.

Today's Kemerovo is a city of contrasts. It comfortably combines the past and the future: high-risers neighbour with buildings and monuments of the Soviet era, wide modern avenues with parks and squares buried in verdure.

Kemerovo is transforming right in front of our eyes: ultra-modern residential compounds are growing in each district, large shopping centers are being opened, sports and cultural facilities of federal importance are being built.

Things are humming here!
Reason № 2.
Kemerovo is the cultural capital of Siberia

Music Theater, Drama Theater, Philharmonic, «Actor's House», Theater for Children and Youth, Puppet Theater... Local History Museum, Fine Art Museum, Museum-Reserve "Krasnaya Gorka", Film Museum,  Sports Museum, Coal Museum...

Each theatrical premiere is an event! Each concert is a full house! Each museum exposition is a masterpiece!

In order to go out into the world or to gain new knowledge and unforgettable impressions, you don't need to go to a distant capital, it;s enough to come here!

Reason № 3.
Satellite city «Lesnaya Polyana»
Lesnaya Polyana is the youngest, most modern and constantly developing region of Kemerovo. This is a unique architectural-planning concept, amazing landscape design and a unique atmosphere of good-neighbourhood. Lesnaya Polyana is the pride of Kemerovo and the entire region.
Over the years of its existence, this satellite city has won many awards at the most prestigious urban competitions.
Reason № 4.
Rudnichniy Bor (forest)

The largest green area of Kemerovo city - Rudnichniy Sosnoviy Bor (pine forest) is the only relic forest in the world located within city limits.

It's not a city park, not a product of landscape design, it is a real, primal territory, part of the Barzas Taiga, with an area of about 400 hectares, surrounded by residential buildings in a city with a half-million population. It has the status of a specially protected natural area.

It's not only a favorite vacation spot for city visitors and city residents, but also a favorite place for photo shoots.

Reason № 5.
Kemerovo coffee shops
There are no problems with great coffee in Kemerovo! The pickiest coffee lover will find a place to his taste here. Coffee shops called Coffee Like, Traveler's coffee, and cozy mini-coffee houses located in the most unexpected places of the city are always waiting for their visitors.
Some people even say that the consumption of coffee per capita in Kemerovo exceeds the appropriate indicators in other Siberian cities.
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