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Interesting videos about Kemerovo
The village of Kemerovo: 300 years of the history of the city in the light of archeology.
A film about the young capital of the coal region, its past, present and future has been prepared for the 100th anniversary of the city of Kemerovo. The film's general partner is the Siberian Generating Company.
Documentary film “Kemerovo. Fight for the dream
Project "My history of Kuzbass". Anton Gorelkin invites you to take a walk in the Kirovsky district of the city of Kemerovo.
Events in Kemerovo
Festival "KOLBA-FEST"
May 2022
Skydiving competitions
August 2022
International Freestyle Wrestling Tournament "Miner's Glory"
September 2022
Walk in the taiga
in heels
In Kemerovo there is the only relict forest in the world located within the city - Rudnichny pine forest.

Let's get some fresh air?
Try coal
In Kemerovo you can try coal sandwiches,
coal ice cream
and coal moonshine.

Make a wish,
dancing in the fountain
There are many fountains in Kemerovo - some are decorated with sculptures, others can sing and dance, in the third jet beat
right from under your feet.

Which one do you prefer?
See the architectural heritage of Holland
On the territory of Kemerovo
there are a number of buildings by the Dutch architect Johannes Bernardus van Lohem.

Let's see?
Ride on the children's railway
In Kemerovo, from May to August, there is a Children's

get down
into the mine
The Krasnaya Gorka Museum-Reserve has an exposition Mine, which is a realistic reconstruction of coal faces.

To the slaughter?
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