Aman Tuleev
Governor of the Kemerovo Region from 1997 to 2018.
Alexey Leonov
Twice Hero of the Soviet Union, USSR pilot-cosmonaut, Major General of Aviation.
Vera Voloshina
Soviet partisan, intelligence officer and saboteur.
Mikhail Podgorbunsky
Honored Doctor of the RSFSR. The founder of Kuzbass surgery, the chief surgeon of the Kemerovo region.During the Great Patriotic War, he performed more than 3,000 operations at the front.
Andrey Panin
Theater and film actor, film director. Panin's childhood and youth passed in Kemerovo, and he calls Kemerovo his homeland.
Vitaliy Razdaev
Forward of the Kemerovo football club "Kuzbass". The best scorer of the USSR in the history of Soviet football.
Evgeny Grishkovets
Playwright, theater director and film actor, musician, writer, TV presenter.
Viktor Loginov
Actor, TV presenter. Gained wide popularity thanks to the TV series "Happy Together".
Vladimir Martemyanov
Athlete pilot. Honored Master of Sports of the USSR. Four times he became the absolute champion of the Soviet Union in aircraft sports.
Vladimir Mikhailov
Honored Builder of the Russian Federation, Hero of Kuzbass. Headed the administration of the city of Kemerovo from 1986 to 2012.
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