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Kemerovo, the capital of the Kemerovo region-Kuzbass, is often referred to as an industrial city. On the one hand, it's true, because the largest enterprises of the coal, chemical and machine-building industries and the electric power industry are concentrated in the capital of the region and its immediate environs. But at the same time Kemerovo is a city with a rich history, culture, established traditions, hospitable and invariably attracting tourists.
Interesting facts about Kemerovo
One of the fascinating pages in the Kemerovo history is connected with the Autonomous Industrial Colony "Kuzbass", which existed from 1921 to 1926. Workers and specialists from all over the world came to us, united by a thirst for building a new life and initiative. It was the time when the verb "to kuzbass" entered American vocabulary - to work in the name of a lofty idea. In New York the KUZBASS magazine was published, postcards with views of the industrial Shcheglovsk were sold. In 1922 a film group from Hollywood made the first film about Shcheglovsk.
In 1932 the opening of the first winter season in the newly built Kemerovo State Circus took place in Kirova Street. The building was wooden. It was designed for 1602 seats. It was a significant event for the development of circus art in the city. National Artist of the USSR Yury Nikulin began his career in its arena. The whole city came running to the opening of the circus and the premiere performance. There were not enough seats in the hall, people argued with the cashiers, cried and begged, and then stood in the aisles - to see the first performance at least in the corner of your eye - it was a big fortune!
It happened in Kemerovo! This curiosity happened in the summer of 1981, when the Moscow travelling circus was visiting the city. A wayward hippo named Zhuzha floundered all day in cool water, where she stayed overnight. Even her friend, the elephant Flora, could not lure her out. Having slept, Zhuzha went for a walk along Lenina Avenue, making an indelible impression on every passer-by.
On May 21, 1982, Minor Planet No. 240 was named Kemerovo. In fact, this is a small asteroid that orbits the Sun in our solar system - approximately between Mars and Jupiter. It was discovered by the Soviet astronomer Nikolai Chernykh. The name was given at the request of the Kuzbass colleagues. The diameter of the minor planet Kemerovo is about 30 kilometers. And the age roughly coincides with the age of the Earth - about 4.5 billion years.
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